Interhacktives competition: be published in Ampp3d

Interhacktives are running a data visualisation competition with Ampp3d

Are you a budding data journalist? We have partnered up with Ampp3d to launch our first data journalism competition.

Create a mobile visualisation

Entrants are invited to create a mobile-friendly data visualisation reflecting a current news story, with the winner having their visualisation published on Ampp3d and receiving a £100 cash prize.

Running from Monday, 17th March to Friday, 18th April, the competition is open to anyone who is not already an established journalist and wishes to put their data skills to the test.


Ampp3d is a data-driven news site which was launched by the Daily Mirror last year, aiming to make journalism more accessible through data visualisations and infographics.

Here’s what Martin Belam, founder of Ampp3d, has to say about the competition…

Here are some tips on how to optimise journalism for mobile.

We will be posting details on how to enter the competition later in the week!


  1. £100 for a data visualisation? Hope you’re not expecting much more than sticking some numbers in an off-the-shelf tool. Anything more and this starts to look pretty exploitative.

    • Hi Alex, thanks for your comment. The aim of the competition is less about money and more about giving aspiring data journalists the chance to have their work published by a well-regarded site. Thanks.

  2. “If your stuff doesn’t work on mobile…”. While I am sure he knows a lot about Big Data visualisation, Mr Belam clearly needs to work on getting his video to work on mobile. Shot against a back-lit window, with a barely audible (mobile?) audio soundtrack and looking like he had just woken up in dire need of a shower and a shave, I am not really fired-up to complete the assignment. Could do better.

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