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02 February 2017, Newsletter #1: We’re back

13 May 2014, Issue #11: Who is a data journalist?

22 April 2014, Issue #10: news in brief

15 April 2014, Issue #9: Last chance to get published on Ampp3d, BBC digital roles & Quartz’ chartbuilder

08 April 2014, Issue #8: business journalism in the digital age & epic infographics

01 April 2014, Issue #7: making data work on mobile

25 March 2014, Issue #6: looking beyond news sites to innovate

18 March 2014, Issue #5: Piktochart, sporty data, and Ampp3d competition is go!

11 March 2014, Issue #4: get published in Ampp3d

4 March 2014, Issue #3: from webinars and OutWit Hub guides to meeting the rock star of data visualisations

25 February 2014, Issue #2datawrapper maps, The FT’s online community & our first podcast

18 February 2014, Issue #1: the experiment

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