The best video live-streaming apps

By 2019, 80% of all internet traffic will be for video – the online world is far from being only about text and images.

One of the most interesting new strands of this video revolution is live-streaming: it offers a unique level of intimacy and immediacy to users.

But what should you use?


Periscope has a number of benefits. It is owned by Twitter, therefore allowing you to benefit from its social graph and it already has 10 million users (the highest out of the competition). A great aspect of it is the geolocation functionality, allowing you to search a map of Periscope streams up to 24 hours after they have been broadcast. It is the fastest growing of the options, and it now auto-plays of Twitter timelines, giving it a leg up against the competition.


Meerkat was once Periscope’s great competitor, and although it has a smaller number of users, it does offer some unique benefits. You are able to schedule a broadcast and generate a URL before it has happened – meaning you can build interest in a live-stream and possibly even SEO ranking ahead of time. Although it’s not possible to re-watch broadcasts, you can – for now – stream to Facebook, which is a significant advantage.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live, however, is catching up quickly. Lot’s of publishers have begun to experiment with it recently, especially as Facebook have given Live posts a big boost in their algorithm – meaning that more users should see it than others posts, and it also sends a notification to your account when a stream begins. But Facebook Live is very much limited to on-platform only viewing.


Blab is the young upstart in the room, and it could be a game-changer. It allows you to have up to four simultaneous streamers as well as unlimited viewers, lending itself well to discussion-based streams or simply those looking for added dynamism. But Mashable have described it as “Periscope for groups of friends”, and with that potential for huge growth in social usage, it could gain a very engaged user base.


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