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Interactive journalism tutorials

Interactive journalism tutorials

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to become a modern day journalist with a wide set of skills in terms of data and social, Interhacktives are here to assist you. We are going to share the knowledge we gained during the course of this year during two one-hour-long online tutorials in March.

As data journalism desks and community editor positions are mushrooming in today’s newsrooms, we would like to offer you the chance to find out what set of skills you need to become a “numerate journalist” and a viral content specialist.

During our two live sessions, we are going to cover the essentials of data scraping and visualisation, as well as effective social media management. We decided to give you the choice of which subjects you would like us to cover. Tick two options for each of the categories in our survey:


The poll closes next Wednesday 5th March at 12.00pm GMT.

Data journalism:

  • Datawrapper
  • Outwit Hub
  • ScraperWiki
  • Google Fusion Tables (with mapping)
  • Google Refine as a scraper
  • Raw
  • Scraping PDFs

Social media:

  • Verification
  • Sharing tactics – dark social vs. public sharing
  • Creating and managing communities
  • Basic content strategy for websites

If you are curious and feel in need of some guidance on how to fit into a modern newsroom, join us in March!


    • Hi Matt, we haven’t decided yet but it will most likely take place in the week starting on 10th or 17th March. We will try to schedule it for late afternoon or evening to make sure as many people as possible can join. Should you have any further questions, give us a shout!

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