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Video: How to use regex to scrape HTML pages

Ever wanted to scrape something with OutWit Hub but the data you want is tied up in ugly HTML tags that change with each new...

Two hours of Interhacktivity: #hackshangout

Our tutorial on data journalism will start at 6pm today (Monday 24th March) – click here for the link.   To see last week's tutorial on social media...

How to use OutWit Hub to scrape data for free

There are a number of tools allowing you to scrape your own data without knowing code. We'll show you how to scrape with the free version of OutWit Hub.

How to make your own website using Weebly

Wordpress isn't the only option for bloggers. Rachel Banning-Lover teaches you how to use Weebly...

How to make an alluvial diagram with Raw

Here's a simple guide to Raw. You can make alluvial diagrams, which represents flows and changes in network structures, and so much more.