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How to make a choropleth map with Google Fusion Tables

Sophie Murray-Morris shows you how to make an easy choropleth map using Google Fusion Tables to help you visualise your data.

Top Ten Tools for Data Journalism

Data journalism is ever-evolving and so are the tools of the trade. Aside from Microsoft Excel (which I’ve blogged about here and here), these...

Mapped: England’s cancer prevalence by PCT (2011)

I decided to experiment with Google Fusion Tables after my past Google Heatmap attempts, and create a map which was much more interactive. I submitted...

Who did it best? Data coverage of the 2013 local elections

Yesterday the final results were in for Thursday’s 2013 council elections, and true to form some of the biggest media publications were not content...

Google Fusion Tables for Dummies

When I say "dummies", I really mean myself. Just so we're all aware. Anyway, for my final project I plan to make a fusion table...

Dog sh*t and data – playing with Google Fusion tables

Henry Taylor explores Google Fusion Tables in order to make an interactive map