Meet the team

Sarah Newey

I’m a Bristol History Graduate, former Editor of Epigram Newspaper and a coffee shop addict! Currently focusing on UK Housing, welfare and politics. @sneweyy

Connor James Ibbetson

Former Editor for the The Stag. Strong focus on tech, data and everything in between. I can’t resist a film camera. @ConnorIbbetson

Joe Bray

I write about football, travel, TV and occasionally politics. Interested in how social media and interactive storytelling can be used in journalism. Never off Twitter. @_joebray

Kaitlin Ramby

I’m a native Texan with a penchant for good food, travel and digital storytelling. Creative content is my jam and Instagram is where you’ll most often find me. @KaitlinRamby

Lara Williams

Textile Design graduate, tech blogger and urban wildlife enthusiast, I hope my strange mix translates into creative, engaging storytelling. Environmental issues are my current obsession. @_lararwilliams_

Michael Goodier

Multimedia journalist on hiatus from Witness BTN. Focus on local issues, data, and social. Vibe connoisseur. @michaelgoodier

Naomi Siyu Guo

Chinese born Media & Communications graduate. I am into tech, makeup and data visualisation. Focus on tech startups and business. @Naomi_S_guo

Thomas Kilroy

Data journalism, multimedia and audio production are all areas I enjoy writing about. I love my music and my drums. @tktkilroy

Nishat Ahmed

Interactive media journalist, aiming to tell it like it is. Dreams of data and mapping. Have faith in social media. Only rattled by abuse of human rights. @NishatFAhmed

Dali Aboul Housn

Migrated from the sciences to digital journalism. Food, arts and entertainment enthusiast. @__Dali

Rabia Iclal Turan

I am a media professional who has worked as an editor and producer at Turkey's leading news channels. Currently focusing on international news, data and multimedia. @iclalturan

Evelyn Yueer Wang

A full-time journalism student and part-time traveler. I’m interested in digital storytelling and social media marketing. Focus on lifestyle and international news. @_Evelyn_Wang

James Bickerton

Political editor of The Backbencher. Predominantly writes about politics. Former Parliamentary staffer and aspiring journalist. Feel free to get in touch! @JBickertonUK

Ellis John Ward

I stepped into the unforgiving world of journalism this year and I only regret it half the time. I keep my sanity with video games and good TV shows. @EllisJohnWard