Meet the team

Alexandra Ma

Alex is a multimedia journalist keen on honing her visual storytelling skills. Originally from Hong Kong, she has lived in both the UK and the US, where she worked at The Huffington Post in New York. She is most interested in international migration, integration and human rights. She can get impatient when people Instagram her meal.

Amanda Lennon

Amanda, 37 from London is currently studying Interactive Journalism. Journalism is a new venture for Amanda whose background is in entertainment and travel. She is especially interested in global environmental issues, theology, sport, wellbeing and addiction.

Ayushman Basu

Hailing from India, Ayushman is still trying to understand the differences between Indian and British media. A Chelsea FC fanatic who wishes to report for the Blues from Stamford Bridge one day. Previously he worked predominantly in sports journalism with different online sites while occasionally scribbling about politics, music, culture and movies. As of this moment, he is trying to get a hang of Snapchat and considers himself an expert Instagram photographer.

Bridie Pearson-Jones

Bridie is a digital journalist, data nerd and news junkie keen to refine her digital skills and finally master creative cloud in order to tell stories about social and political issues. She spends far too much time on the internet, tweeting about politics, feminism or the latest Netflix original.

Chico Mares

Former political journalist at Gazeta do Povo, from Curitiba, Brazil, he likes numbers and stats almost as much as he likes music and football. In 2016, won the ANJ (Brazilian National Newspapers Association) Freedom of Press Award.

Ella Wilks-Harper

Ella is a digital journalist interested in using data as a storytelling tool. She is currently a contributor for Gal-dem, a website for women of colour, and The Independent. In her spare time she is learning how to code, dabbling in film-making and sending out quirky FOIs.

Harriet Pavey

Harriet is a budding digital journalist looking to improve her data storytelling. She has written for the Huffington Post and is interested in running, feminism, and politics. She is an avid fan of Twitter but has a love-hate relationship with Excel.

James Somper

After having had to give up his breakdancing career on account of injury, James is now a journalist interested in the connectivity of data, text and video in telling stories about migration, security and conflict. He has written for The Times, The Independent, The Indy 100 and The Daily Telegraph.

Jasper Pickering

Jasper is an entertainment writer by trade but spends his spare time looking at data and social media because he doesn't have any other hobbies. His interests in journalism cover everything from the written word to long-term video content.

Luke Barratt

Luke, from the PM’s own Maidenhead, is still recovering from the political shock of moving into the socialist republic of Stoke Newington. He’s especially interested in using data to cover social issues – particularly housing – and the development of echo chambers online.

Luke Mintz

Desperately attempting to find the perfect balance between keenness and coolness, Luke is a young journalist looking to hone his digital skills. He most likes writing about policing, human rights, and LGBT issues. He is currently finding his Twitter "niche", and realising in the process that he needs to be more interesting.

Matteo Moschella

Matteo is an Italian journalist who is at City to learn more about social media and data. Before coming to the UK he has been a freelance for online newspapers and community radios in Italy. He is probably on Twitter at the moment, reading about Brexit or AC Milan.

Megan Gurney

Megan just graduated with a degree in Politics, and is looking to learn about the value of social media in sharing, creating, and displaying better storytelling. She is most interested in music, twitter, and algorithms, but can always be found playing on InDesign and watching funny cat videos.

Mimi Launder

It was writing that first drew Mimi to journalism, but now she wants to extend her digital storytelling beyond just typing stuff into a CMS. If she’s not reading the news, she’ll probably be reading equally depressing novels.

Niamh McIntyre

Niamh is a journalist interested in using data to tell stories about feminism, sex work, prisons and detention. She’s previously written for VICE and in her spare time enjoys being sanctimonious on Twitter.

Ryan Watts

Humble, modest and incredibly good-looking, Ryan is a digital journalist/cartoonist and Excel fanatic from Buckinghamshire. Please talk to him about 360° videos and Virtual Reality - which he uses to escape the fact he needs to find work experience.