Five data journalists you need to follow on Twitter

So much news and so little time? Follow these 5 Twitter accounts for a range of Data Journalism coverage. (Credit: Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash)

Data journalism is gaining importance in our day and age. Increasingly, readers look to data journalists for statistics and facts to find the ‘truth’ of a story.

Data journalism uses numerical values to tell a story and represents these values through data visualisations. The visualisations break down long lists of numbers for readers and allow a way into the story for audiences that may feel turned away by data journalism otherwise.

Twitter is a valuable platform of information where journalists gather and share their news, but with so many accounts and a constantly updating home-page, it’s easy to lose track of people that you’re interested in.

Top 5 Twitter accounts for data driven journalism. (Credit: AbsolutVision on Unsplash)

But fear no more when looking for data journalism on Twitter, all you have to do is use the hashtag #ddj and you will find content on data journalism.

Here are five data driven journalists writing on a wide range of topics, who you need to follow to keep up with the big data space:

Gregor Aisch, the CTO at Datawrapper.

Posts include: News updates on data and corporations, data visualisations, step-by-steps and new features on Datawrapper.

Zete Hausfather, a climate scientist focusing on temperature data.

Posts include: News about the Earth’s climate, environmental data visualisations and comparisons of emissions.

Martin Stabe, the head of interactive news at the Financial Times.

Posts include: Data innovation news, the future of data journalism, political news and interactive and data visualisations.

Sarah Newey, a data journalist and reports on global health security at the Telegraph.

Posts include: Global health news and statistics, data visualisations on current events and analyses of developing nations and change.

Eva Constantaras, a data journalist with a focus on Africa and South East Asia.

Posts include: Big data news, data projects, job opportunities, public interest and accountability that stems from data journalism.

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