5 and a half Twitter hashtags to make your life easier

In the current 24 hour news cycle, staying on top of current trends can be tough.

So, to help make life a little bit easier, we’ve put together a list of 5 (and a half) active Twitter hashtags to look out for.


Whether you are looking for someone to write for you or someone to write for, #journorequest can help you connect with your other half. It can also be helpful if you need information for a specific topic.

This is a particularly active hashtag that is frequently used. Like with other searches, the results can be filtered down by location, making finding people in your area much easier.


Most journalism students are frantically trying to find work experience, and eventually that dream job. #journojobs is one of many ways to stay up to date on new opportunities in the field.

#videojournalism #mojo

For video fanatics, #videojournalism and #mojo (mobile journalism) provide good tips for improving your journalistic video skills.


Particularly for student journalists, #cityjtips provides a mix of general journalism advice and little tips for students at City.


How could we not mention this one? With a focus on digital and data journalism, #interhacktives helps stay up to date on what is happening within this field. Watch this space for lots more content in the next few weeks!


Tweet us, @Interhacktives, if you have any suggestions for other hashtags journalists you think we should be aware of. 

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