The secrets of Facebook Live

In this week’s podcast, Luke Barratt and Jasper Pickering talk about the growing importance of live-streaming on Facebook for media organisations and the average Joe alike. As Facebook grows its video platform, Zuckerburg is pushing users to interact with each other via live video feed.

No longer are the broadcasters telling us what to do from atop their ivory towers. Now you (yes, YOU!) can produce live coverage from the comfort of your handheld device.

The intrepid duo tackle examples of live-streamed news like Donald Trump’s disastrous press conference and the suspense of watching a watermelon explode under the pressure of a thousand elastic bands on Buzzfeed. While future coverage will pale in comparison, users are still becoming more engaged with online videos.

Gone are the days of panda sneezes and laughing babies. Now audiences demand more from their social media influencers, as outlets like Vice produce high quality documentaries that can be watched from the comfort of our bed/toilet.

Our cup runneth over.

CNN Trump Press Conference.

A stressed watermelon that forgot it had a test today.

Vice videos

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