Why you shouldn’t make a 360° video podcast

This week, the team are taking you behind the scenes - with our first 360° video podcast.

360° video is an emerging format and, like all emerging formats, must go through an uncertain period of experimentation. As journalists begin to push the boundaries for this storytelling device, the Interhacktives discuss the merits, challenges and funny side of all things 360°.

It has to be seen to be believed.

In order to fully enjoy this 360° experience, strap on a cardboard viewer and be transported into the studio with Interhacktives podcast team. This week we discuss the BBC podcast pilot ‘No Small Talk,’ as well as our favourite examples of 360° journalism.

Check out Within, who provide a virtual reality experience that has the feel of the magazine. FIlms include trips into the deep blue to hear the clicks and whistles of pacific sealife.

You’ll find the Flint police ride-along film on the New York Times Virtual Reality site, alongside many more docs and experiences.

Finally, check out the RT 360° app and be transported to space every time you open your phone.

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Thanks to Podington Bear for our theme song, ‘Am-Trans’.

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