4 social videos from Iraq’s battle with ISIS

Reporters in Mosul are using social video to provide new insights into the conflict with ISIS. James Somper collated the best examples.

Snapchat and Semtex might sound like something of an oxymoron. However, as the bombs and mortars continue to rain down in the battle for Mosul, journalists covering the conflict are taking to social media to document the final days of a war that has so far cost hundreds of thousands of lives.

Now, mobile phone chargers, hard drives and selfie-sticks are as germane to the intrepid foreign correspondent as the flak jackets and combat helmets they wear.

This collision has led to social media platforms becoming home to some of the most powerful and hard-hitting footage of the conflict, with Western and Middle Eastern journalists capturing some key moments.

Here are a few video highlights from some of the brave, intrepid journalists covering the fight for Mosul.

Josie Ensor – The Bells of Bartella

Recorded by the Daily Telegraph’s Beirut-based Middle East Correspondent, Josie Ensor was one of the first western journalists to enter the town of Bartella after it was liberated by the Iraqi Golden Division from Isis.
The town, which had been under ISIS control since August 2014, had once been home to 30,000 people, the majority of them Assyrian Christians. However, when the Iraqi Golden Division captured the town, Ensor was one of the first journalists to report on the assault, and her footage of its church bells ringing went viral.


Ayman Ogyhanna – Entry into Mosul

Embedded with Iraqi Special Forces, freelance video journalist Ayman Oghanna kept filming even as the vehicle he was travelling in came under sustained RPG and machine gun fire to provide one of the first reports from a Western journalist to make into the city after it had been liberated from 444 years of ISIS occupation. Love the beard too.


Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units – Reunited families

The conflict in Iraq has displaced more than filmed by the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units – this footage captured the moment that an estranged family was finally reunited after almost two years apart.


Danny Gold – Celebrating fighters

The LadBible may not be best known for its foreign coverage, but these images were filmed by its intrepid roving correspondent, Danny Gold, on the outskirts of Mosul. Depicting celebrating Iraqi fighters, it’s becoming something of a viral hit.

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