Should Silicon Valley resist Donald Trump?

Luke Barratt and Bridie Pearson-Jones discuss the implications for Silicon Valley of a Trump presidency, and how recent events suggest ways tech companies might resist

On this week’s Data Day, Luke Barratt and Bridie Pearson-Jones discuss what relationship tech companies in Silicon Valley can or should be doing to resist Donald Trump. Such companies overwhelmingly supported Clinton in the US election, and have in the past been outspokenly progressive on social issues.

However, the Intercept reported that of nine tech companies they asked, only Twitter said it wouldn’t help Trump create a database of American Muslims. Will tech companies adapt to a new Trump presidency?

There is a wider discussion to be had around the place of the far right on the Internet. We discuss Jonathan Albright’s research, which threw up some interesting results regarding the way in which far-right websites used internal links to game Google’s algorithm.

Moreover, some have put forward specific steps they feel should be taken by tech companies in Silicon Valley if they are to follow through on their consistent criticism of Donald Trump.

Sonia Katyal, Chancellor’s Professor of Law, Berkeley Center for Law & Technology codirector, wrote on Berkeley blogs about how the tech industry can resist Trump.

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