7 ways to make your Twitter bio stand out as a journalist

Make your Twitter bio better using this handy guide.

It’s only 150 characters, but it’s the first thing people will see when they come to your profile, and it’s a great way to pop up in people’s searches. Here’s how to make it as good as it can be:

  1.      Keep your audience in mind

Yes, your mates are on Twitter. But potential employers, networkers, and new followers are too. You need to impress by being professional. The real trick is doing this without lapsing into the tone of a corporate droid. Keep it polished, but let your personality shine through.

  1.       Mention your interests

Everyone is interested in something. If nothing comes to mind, look at your recent tweets. What have you been tweeting about? Politics? Feminism? Moths? No matter how broad or how niche, be sure to include something to indicate that you are a human being. For inspiration, look at LinkedIn’s list of causes you might care about. What makes you different to every other tweeter?

  1.       Hashtag them

When mentioning your interests, include the hashtag in your bio. For example, if you’re a keen birdwatcher, say it with a hashtag: #twitcher. When users search the hashtag, your profile will pop up at the top of the page.

  1.       Use Twitter handles

State who you work for/which university you go to, using their handle, e.g. @cityjournalism. This gives your audience the chance to get to know your organisation, just by clicking on your bio.

  1.       Include contact details

People can only direct message you if you follow them back, so it’s worth including your email address as a fallback. It makes you seem approachable.

  1.       Include your website

It goes without saying, but linking to your website in your bio will automatically get you more hits. Do this in Twitter’s specific ‘website’ box – this appears when you edit your profile.

  1.       Keep your picture smart

Your picture should be of you, preferably a clear photograph without any other people. Selfies are fine, but it’s better to have a smile than a Kylie Jenner pout, if you want to seem friendly.

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