Congrats to Charlotte Beale, David Knowles and Harry Misiko

David Knowles, Charlotte Beale and Harry Misiko
David Knowles, Charlotte Beale and Harry Misiko

The Interhacktives team would like to congratulate three of our own for winning The Times’ Build The News competition.

Charlotte Beale, David Knowles and Harry Misiko beat off competition from Birmingham, Cardiff and other universities across the country.

Build The News’ aim? To tell a digital story beautifully.

Charlotte Beale, David Knowles and Harry Misiko’s Bug project

Beale, Knowles and Misiko’s story, “Grub’s up: the future of food”, showed how edible insects can help solve our global food shortage.

Almost nine billion mouths will need feeding by 2050. But the livestock industry already accounts for 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions. By contrast, insects are environmentally friendly, as well as cheap, nutritious, and accessible to the 800m people in the developing world who do not have a secure food source.

To tell the story, the team spoke to UN-backed researchers and showed with data how and why insects offer a solution. They made a Buzzfeed-style taste test video of their peers trying worms, crickets and grasshoppers.

The story also included a Tinder-style function for users to find their edible insect match.

‘Funny, engaging’ journalism

“I’m very proud of what we achieved”, said Knowles.

“This project means a lot to me. We told an important story in a funny, engaging way. I feel like I can share the story with friends and they will feel happy, not obliged, to read it.” (David Knowles on Twitter).

Misiko said: “as a Kenyan, I had only heard about Build The News from my classmates. I took part to learn more about the programme. Winning came as a big surprise.” (Harry Misiko on Twitter).

“Winning was unexpected”, said Beale, “as we were up against teams who had built some great tools, but the judges said they were impressed by our innovative idea, wide reporting and use of data.” (Charlotte Beale on Twitter).

We, as the winning team’s coursemates, are proud that the Interhacktives ethos brought them victory.

We wish to congratulate Beale, Knowles and Misiko and wish them success for the future.

Photo: Matthew ‘TK’ Taylor

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