BBC News Labs City University Challenge: Day 1

BBC News Labs’ University Challenges

We joined BBC News Labs University Challenge for its first day.

After a good breakfast, Neil Maiden, Sylvia Tippmann, Lei He, Basile Simon and Francesco Negri from BBC News Labs gave a briefing and organised us into three teams.

In groups of three to five journalists, data scientists, and programmers, we brainstormed ideas for a tool that would help journalists use stories from the BBC’s Juicer for their research.

After lunch, we pitched our initial ideas, which included:

A project related to a science press release

smartphone app on ‘What’s going to be trending?’

And a tool that helps journalists to filter infomation provided by the Juicer.

Then the real challenge began. Each team had to sketch a prototype of their idea to present to the BBC News Labs team again.

The project to improve the quality of  science journalism checking improving the quality of the sources preventing the sensationalism. 

The ‘trend setter’, that helps journalists track developing stories with a view of spotting those that are likely to make big news in the near future..

A tool for finding links and connections between journalists personal social network and person of interest:

We produced a lot of good stuff in the first day of the competition. Day two of the contest for the best invention continues today.

So stay tuned.

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