Data Journalism workshops by Interhacktives 2015: learn to clean and visualise election data

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Love data? Ever wondered what a data journalist actually does? Just want free booze?

The Interhacktives are pleased to announce TWO upcoming events this April that will satisfy either or both of these needs. Brace yourselves.

The sessions will be focused on giving you some data skills you can use for election coverage.

2015 is set to be one of the closest elections in living history and data will be essential in figuring out exactly what happened and why.

Cleaning the data

We will start with a Google Hangout webinar on Monday 13 April, 6pm-8pm. Everyone who will have registered on Eventbrite will receive a link to the webinar.

Our Excel guru Jonathan Frayman will be using 2010 General Election results data to show how to clean a dataset and arrange it into a format that will be easy to visualise and find stories by analysing data.

More info on Google Plus event page.

Visualising the data

The second event will be held at City University London (home to the Interhacktives) on Thursday 16 April, 6pm-8pm.

Our mapping star Emily Shackleton will use the clean dataset from the previous session and teach you how to map this data with web mapping tool CartoDB, and how to source potential news stories through visual analytics.

There will also be a networking session afterwards with refreshments provided.

Our team will be available during both sessions to supervise and troubleshoot any problems you may get with the new scary technology!

Both events are free, but please register your attendance by booking a ticket on Eventbrite:

  • Register for Cleaning the Data webinar here.
  • Register for Visualising the Data workshop here.

It would be useful (but not compulsory) to attend both sessions to get the most out of them, but people who can only attend one of the two sessions are of course still very welcome. Both sessions are aimed at total beginners, so no prior knowledge is needed.

For the super keen data geeks who want a quick look at the dataset we’ll be working with here is a link.

See you there!

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