Events for aspiring hacks this month

Postgraduate and job application deadlines are drawing near. Maybe you’ve already got an interview or a place at a newspaper lined up and want to be a bit more prepared. Maybe you’re embarking on a year of freelancing and want the best advice. Whatever your reason, be sure to check out some of these events happening all over the country.

In a guest lecture yesterday evening Buzzfeed’s Patrick Smith mentioned the “news culture” that exists in London “more so than anywhere else in the UK”. Although most of the events we found were based in the capital, we noticed that other cities are emerging as cultural hubs for bloggers and aspiring hacks. In this map we’ve shown you the events, meet-ups and workshops happening across the nation. The pearls of wisdom you glean from one day could make all the difference in that interview.

Check out our map to see if there’s an event near you! Tweet us @interhacktives or comment below if there are any more that you think should be included.


Want to know more or book a place? Look below to find the links

  1. City University Postgraduate Open Evening
  2. BlogConf 2015
  3. Shift
  4. Getting Started as a Freelance
  5. Inside “Inside the House of Commons”
  6. Journocoders: mapping with leaflet
  7. Hacks/Hackers
  8. Workshop: writing and storytelling for TV journalists
  9. Business and Practice of Journalism Seminar
  10. One Rogue Reporter Screening
  11. Pitch and Deal Training Day
  12. News Associates: monthly workshops
  13. Search Engine Optimisation for Journalists
  14. Mastering Social Media: Twitter to Instagram
  15. News Associates: sports journalism workshops (Manchester and London)
  16. Frontline Club: improving audio
  17. How to Write Effective Columns
  18. How to Write About Film with Peter Bradshaw and Catherine Shoard
  19. The Rise of Longform Journalism
  20. Meet the Press: LGBT History Month

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