Two hours of Interhacktivity: #hackshangout

Interhacktivity tutorial #hackshangout

Interhacktivity tutorial #hackshangout

Our tutorial on data journalism will start at 6pm today (Monday 24th March) – click here for the link.


To see last week’s tutorial on social media verification, click here.


The time for our first hour of Interhacktivity is almost upon us.

The tutorials will be held via a Google Hangout on Air. The exact link to the Hangouts will be posted at the top of this article when they go live, on Monday and Thursday (at 6pm).

Throughout the tutorials, non-presenting Interhacktives will be monitoring Twitter. We’re hoping to keep matters as informal as possible, so, if you have any questions during the event, please tweet using the hashtag #hackshangout. And, of course, if you have any questions, suggestions or comments before or after the event, please do the same, or tweet us directly.

Two hours of Interhacktivity #hackshangout


After taking into account the results of our poll, the topics were decided as follows:

Data tutorial (Monday 24th March, 6pm)

– Data cleaning and mapping with Daniele Palumbo

– Data visualisations (Datawrapper and Raw) with Laura Cantadori

Social media tutorial (Thursday 20th March, 6pm)

– Social media verification with Rachel Banning-Lover and Chris Sutcliffe

If you are curious and feel in need of some guidance on how to fit into a modern newsroom, join us on Monday and Thursday.

For more details of the thinking behind the event, click here.

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