Ampp3d data viz competition: what I’m looking for

Ampp3d’s Martin Belam tells us what makes a winning data visualisation.

What Ampp3d’s about

There have been a couple of things at the heart of what we are trying to do with Ampp3d.

First of all we are trying to answer the question: What does “data journalism” look like when it comes from a tabloid brand? Things labelled “data journalism” have mostly been broadsheet products to date, but the topics that produce data – schooling, health, the economy – are things that touch on everybody’s lives in the UK. How can we tell those stories in an engaging way the Mirror’s audience.


Secondly, how can we make this type of content really work on mobile devices? We’re way past the tipping point of pretending to be “mobile first”: our audience was “mobile first” long before any publisher was. At peak commuting times, we sometimes see as much as 80% of Ampp3d traffic coming from mobile devices. Telling complex stories on that small screen is a massive and constant design challenge for us.


The competition

I believe in encouraging new talent to come through, and I’d love to give not only the winner the chance to get their work exposed on a national newspaper website, but hopefully some of the runners-up will be good enough to be commissioned too.


I want people to tell a story they are passionate about. I think you get the best work out of people when they are reporting on an issue or story they really care about. And I want people to think about what they could do to tell that story in the very best way on mobile devices. If you haven’t thought about how your idea works on a phone, then don’t enter – we care about our mobile users first and foremost.

The competition runs from Monday March 17th to Friday April 18th. Entries should be send to

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