How to make your online posts readable

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My third top tip for this week is: make your posts readable.

This might appear to be an unnecessary piece of advice, but a large proportion of blog posts continue to be written in a print format, with scores of long paragraphs of text, rather than in a format appropriate for the visual publishing medium that is the Internet.

There are a few constituent parts to this objective:

– Word length: unfortunately for the traditionally verbose journalist who is attracted to blogging, attention is a limited currency on the Internet. Research has shown, for instance, that most visitors to a blog post read only 60% of the article.

– Interactivity: rather than devoting a couple of sentences to explaining a concept, consider linking to a separate article – this keeps your own article as concise as possible.

– Scannability: many readers will scan an article to look for a certain piece of desired or interesting information, so signpost your work with strong subheadings, pictures, links and bulleted lists (à la Buzzfeed).

An added bonus of considering these elements when producing your work is that you’ll quickly become a favourite of Paul Bradshaw’s, who discussed these points at length in a lecture at City.


That’s it for this week’s ‘Top tips’. If you have any suggestions for what we should include in next week’s edition, please get in touch, either by commenting below or by tweeting us @Interhacktives.

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