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“Here’s saying hello from us 3rd gen interhacktives! Since 2011, this site has chronicled the journeys of City University’s exemplar digital-journos in training, and our class has some big ideas for the coming year. We’ll be producing new content (almost) every day, with Fridays reserved for interviews with professionals at the industry’s cutting edge.”

Zachary Davies

“We run this site alongside our education of the mysterious arts of news writing, social media and data journalism. We hope that through our posts we can share our learning with you and hopefully teach you something you might find interesting. Part of this sharing will be a series of posts called The Data Set, debunking the myth that data is dull.”

Patrick Scott

“We’ll also be publishing the ‘scoop of the week’ on Sundays which will cover what we think is the week’s best story – from industry news about new tools and development, to stand-out data stories, or great examples of using social media in news. We want to track both the changing state of media, and highlight journalists and news organisations that understand social media and data journalism, who make their stories ‘interhacktive’.”

Sophie Warnes

“An important point here: we are interhacktives for a reason – we would really, really like for you to interact with us. Comment, email, tweet; give us feedback and tips; and even criticise (fairly). For instance, we’ll be running a feature every Monday called ‘tips of the week’, in which we’ll be giving three top tips to aspiring digital journalists. This is a feature that will allow us to share what we’ve learnt on the course with others like us, and so we’d very much appreciate your opinion.”

Tom Bayley

“When anyone talks about journalism these days, social media is the first thing that comes up. Of course you can find us on Twitter @interhacktives and on Facebook, but we will go beyond that. We will experiment with alternative social media tools such as the curation service Storify and the community network meetup.com, and many others. You can be sure that interhacktives will leave no social media stone unturned.”

Nassos Stylianou

You may also have noticed some slight aesthetic alterations made to the site. Expect more.


image: Colombian Party Cartel via wikimedia

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