Quirky social media story of the week: #1

Antonia Kanczula

On our little Interhacktives blog, we’re going to chatter – at length – about the wide, diverse and far-reaching tentacles of social media. In essence, the big stuff.

But we also thought we’d shine a light on the off-beat stories of online connectedness – and so, our Quirky social media story of the week item was born. We were momentarily sidetracked by the tale of Facebook and a missing sausage casserole, but week one’s accolade has to go to…

David Cameron’s decision to join professional networking site LinkedIn

Yep, even our  PM, with a myriad of lofty off-line connections recognises that there are gains to be made by expanding his digital presence. And it doesn’t end here – according to the Beeb he’s also dabbling in Foursquare, a location-based networking site for mobiles.

Don’t go expecting minute-by-minute updates on the minutiae of DC’s day, but his foray is a subtle nod at the growing importance of social media amongst politicians and their parties.

However, as of now (mid-morning, 22/10/11) our esteemed leader has a decidedly underwhelming 67 LinkedIn connections. It would seem, he hasn’t quite heeded the first rule of social networking – to reap the benefits, you need to get stuck in…

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